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Dental Hygiene

General discussions on joining & training in the British Army.
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Dental Hygiene

#1 Post by JustinLock »

I am in a difficult situation with regards to my poor oral health. Many broken/missing teeth etc.
I have been without any pain or abcesses for a number of years and have no problem chewing/eating etc. Even steak is easy :lol:
I am wondering what would happen with my application? Would I be rejected or told to fix the problem before continuing with the application? Or will I be fine as I have no actual problems.
What does everyone recommend as the next course of action?


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Re: Dental Hygiene

#2 Post by Hyperlithe »

From what you've described I'd be surprised if you weren't told to get the problems fixed before you'd be considered.
Although you'll get free dental care when you're in, the military doesn't like to let people in with existing problems which they're going to have to pay to fix
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