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19th Jan 19 - Forces Compare - Compare Military Kit Insurance.
10th Dec 18 - Eight Days Later by Steve Bishop
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Books | Films

Eight Days Later by Steve Bishop

Combat Camera: From Auntie Beeb to the Afghan Frontline by Christian Hill

British Army On The Rampage by Sean Connolly
MRF Shadow Troop by Simon Cursey
The Lonesome Commander by Martin Mahle
Wicked Game by Matt Johnson

Soldier's Pocket Book - 2012 Edition
Britain's Part-time Soldiers
Kings African Rifles - A History
The Rhodesian War - A Military History
The Intelligencers
The Ulrich von Hassell Diaries 1938-1942
Retreat and Retribution in Afghanistan 1842
Hitlers Mountain Troops 1939-1945
Blood, Sweat and Steel - Frontline accounts from the Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq, 1990-2010
Gentleman Jim - The Wartime Story of a Founder of the SAS and Special Forces
Cross and Crescent in the Balkans - The Ottoman Conquest of Southeastern Europe (14th - 15th Centuries)
The Arab-Israeli Wars - War and Peace in the Middle East

Images of War - Malta GC
Mons - The Retreat To Victory
Stalingrad - How The Red Army Triumphed
In the Ranks of Death - The Irish in the Second World War
Prisoner of the Gestapo

Generation Kill
Chris Ryan's Elite Police

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