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5th May 19 - Book Review - The Falklands War - There and Back Again.
21st March 19 - Book Review - Joys of War by John-Paul Jordan.
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:: Intelligent Armour Limited ::

:: Intelligent Armour Limited ::

Intelligent Armour Company Logo

Intelligent Armour Limited provides tactical equipment solutions for individuals and teams.
Our clients range from Government Agencies, Armed Forces, Police, and the Private Security / Close Protection sectors Worldwide.

At Intelligent Armour Limited we speak English, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.
If you feel more comfortable in speaking in any of these languages; please telephone or email us to enable us to help you with your requirements.

Our aim is to supply the correct operational equipment at the best possible price, we seek to supply the most up to date field tested tactical products and body armour.

Intelligent Armour Limited aim to provide the best possible products at the best possible prices and we are stockists of:
Oakley SI, Magnum, Lowa, ESS, Gerber, Benchmade, Spyderco, Blackhawk, 5.11, Tactical & Fjallraven.

We also provide state of the art tactical & covert body armour, plates and helmets for both military, police and civilian usage.

We offer our clients a choice of the latest fabrics, Goldflex and Dyneema, or traditional Kevlar.
All vests meet the certified test requirements of NIJ or STANAG 2920.
Stab resistant vests providing the necessary certified protection levels are also available on request.

Intelligent Armour Discount
Please click the banner above for further details.

Intelligent Armour Limited are very proud of you, the men and women that represent our armed forces in all operational theatres worldwide.
In recognition of your service, we'd like to offer you a 10% discount on everything we stock.

Our online store transactions are dealt with via Paypal.
This card payment service is secure and we do not hold any card information on any of our systems.
Our online store is secured further via the use of McAfee.

For further details and information, please visit:

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