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5th May 19 - Book Review - The Falklands War - There and Back Again.
21st March 19 - Book Review - Joys of War by John-Paul Jordan.
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:: The Arab-Israeli Wars ::

:: The Arab-Israeli Wars ::

War and Peace in the Middle East

Chaim Herzog, Updated by Shlomo Gazit

The Arab-Israeli Wars Sleeve Art

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From Pen & Sword Books

ISBN: 9781848326033
Type: Paperback
Pages: 480

The Middle East conflict has, for many decades, been a source of great tragedy for those directly involved. It has also been the focus of keen world attention due to the wider military and political implications for world peace.

The Arab-Israeli Wars is an acclaimed history of Israel's fight since 1947 to preserve her existence against repeated attacks. The author, Chaim Herzog, former president of Israel, was involved in every conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbours from before the 1948 War of Independence.

Revised after his death, this new edition now also covers the crucial events of the past twenty years. These include; the pullout from Lebanon, the first Gulf War and the shift from more conventional warfare towards a type that more directly affects civilian lives with such horrors as suicide bombs and terrorism.

Riveting, informative and comprehensive, this authoritative account provides professional insight into the major battles that Israel has fought. Importantly, it also enables the reader to more clearly and thoroughly understand the complex struggle in the Middle East.

Chaim Herzog was the sixth President of Israel (1983-1993), a major general in the Israeli army and the country's ambassador to the United Nations. He was renowned military commentator and his other books include The War of Atonement. Shlomo Gazit served as the Israeli Head of Military Intelligence and was personally involved in negotiations with Egypt and the Palestinians.

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