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:: Hitlers Mountain Troops 1939-1945 by Ian Baxter ::

:: Hitlers Mountain Troops 1939-1945 ::

The Gebirgsjager

Ian Baxter

Hitlers Mountain Troops 1939-1945 Sleeve Art

Buy Now for only £14.99*


From Pen & Sword Books

ISBN: 9781848843547
Type: Paperback
Pages: 144

Hitler's Mountain Troops (Gebirgsjager) were trained to ski, climb, survive appaling conditions and endure long marches. As such they were feared by opponents as crack shock troops. Yet many of the campaigns in which the elite Gebirgsjager fought were not in the specialist role of which they had been trained but on more level ground employed as assault infantry in conventional battle.
The book captures the real spirit of the young soldiers in the newly emerging Special Air Service, improvising as they went along to create the Special Forces ethos.

The Gerbirgsjager fought with distinction in virtually all theatres of the Second World War, notably on the Eastern Front, where operations took them into the Caucasus. They wore the distinctive Edelweiss badge with justifiable pride. With its superb photographs supported by informative text and captions, this latest book in the Images of War series shows the Gebirgsjager in training and action from Poland, Norway and France, through Yugoslavia, the Eastern Front and to the closing stages of war.

Captured in a raid on Benghazi, Almonds was shipped to a POW camp in Italy. After a first escape, in solitary confinement, he designed the 32-foot ketch he later built in Ghana and sailed back to England. Escaping again in September 1943, he ran the length of the Apennines, mapped as enemy minefield, earned a rare Bar to his military medal, then parachuted into occupied France in support of D-Day, receiving the Croix de Guerre.

Ian Baxter has produced a fine selection of highly illustrated books in the Images of War series mainly covering Axis Forces in WW2. He is a dedicated collector of rare images and an expert in his field.

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