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5th May 19 - Book Review - The Falklands War - There and Back Again.
21st March 19 - Book Review - Joys of War by John-Paul Jordan.
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:: Cross and Crescent in the Balkans by David Nicolle::

:: Cross and Crescent in the Balkans ::

The Ottoman Conquest of Southeastern Europe (14th - 15th Centuries)

David Nicolle

Cross and Crescent in the Balkans Sleeve Art

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From Pen & Sword Books

ISBN: 97818441595543
Type: Hardback
Pages: 272

This is not just another retelling of the Fall of Constantinople, though it does include a very fine account of that momentous event. It is the storey of an extraordinary century which began when a tiny force of Ottoman Turkish warriors were invited to cross the Dardanelles by the Christian Byzantine Emperor. They crossed from Asia into Europe to assist him in one of the civil wars which was tearing his fast-declining empire apart.

One hundred and eight years later, the Byzantine capital of Constantinople fell to what was then a hugely powerful and expanding empire of the Islamic Ottoman Turks. The new rulers came to see themselves as the natural and legitimate heirs of the Byzantine, and indeed Roman, predecessors.

David Nicolle is undoubtedly one of the leading authors in this field, he sets the scene by explaining the background of the military, political, cultural and personal history, of the winners and the losers, plus those ‘outsiders’ who were increasingly drawn into the dramatic story of the rise of the Ottoman Empire.

David Nicolle is a leading expert on medieval military history, in particular the Crusades and Middle Eastern Warfare.
He is a prolific writer of books as well as journal and magazine articles on these subjects.

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