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5th May 19 - Book Review - The Falklands War - There and Back Again.
21st March 19 - Book Review - Joys of War by John-Paul Jordan.
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:: PopPace - Warsmoke ::

:: PopPace - Warsmoke ::

Warsmoke is Now Available for Android and iOS

Warsmoke 1

Warsmoke is a world war themed MMO SLG game that brings you back to the time of epic world wars. You will play the role of commander in conquest, gathering all sorts of resources to lead your powerful troops, while unlocking famous world war generals! No scripts, no set mode, or fixed strategies. Fate is in your hands and it depends on every choice you make! Put aside the history book and create your own legendary story!

Collect various generals from the two historic world wars and command them to conquer the lands that lie before you! No matter what nation you hail from, you have the chance to rewrite history and rule the world.

The conquest of the world begins with its first territory. There are numerous territories forming the European continent, providing abundant resources and an optimal path of attack! You must expand your reach to your enemy’s border before you can launch an attack. Seize the moment and capitalize on the proper strategies to successfully conquer your enemy.

Warsmoke 2

You must catch every chance and opportunity on the battlefield – adjusting and applying the optimal tactic at the correct time!

In Warsmoke, you can build a defense line to withstand enemy forces, send recon troops to distract the opponent, and fully apply the various strategies in order to achieve victory!

From conquering the valleys surrounding your city to sparring in a nation vs nation battle, be the crucial role of the legion commander!

The turns of attacks, the troop arrangement, and the various targets of conquests - all are determined by your personal strategy and your art of command. Now lead your allies for honor!

Warsmoke 3

Close your eyes and imagine the infamous Hitler and Stalin serving in your army. All of this and more will be possible in Warsmoke! Unlock and collect 300+ famous commanders from WWI and WWII, and arrange them as you wish to forge your army with ultimate strength and power!

Once the war smoke has dispersed, will you be the last one standing? Find the soldier in you in Warsmoke!

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