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War trauma sequelae helloworld

Discussions and general chat about PTSD. Feel free to introduce yourself or if you need help, please reach out and ask.
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War trauma sequelae helloworld

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PTSD - Post-traumatic stress disorder. It refers to an abnormal mental response to severe stress factors such as trauma. Also known as delayed psychogenic response, it refers to mental disorders caused by unusual threats or disasters, resulting in delayed and long-lasting mental disorders. PTSD mainly occurs in men, mainly soldiers who have experienced war, so it is called "shell shock", also known as "battle fatigue". Current research shows that everyone, including children, has the potential to develop PTSD, and that women are twice as likely as men. Perhaps this is the manifestation of a woman's sexual or physical assault.
He has three symptoms in total:
1. Re-experience: that is, the individual will produce a traumatic reconstruction of the traumatic situation, and the content of the reproduction is very clear and specific. In particular, anything that may be associated with trauma in life may cause an individual to re-experience the traumatic situation. And this kind of experience will bring great pain to the individual, and may further deteriorate, resulting in some PTSD-related comorbidities (such as anxiety, fear, self-blame, disappointment, complaints, etc.);
2, avoiding the reaction: out of the pain of re-experience, the individual will actively avoid some things and things that may lead to traumatic experience. Moreover, this avoidance reaction may be unconscious, that is, expressed as "forgotten." This avoidance response is a protective mechanism for the individual on the one hand; on the other hand it delays the recovery of individual PTSD-related disorders;
3, high alertness: It is a strong reaction to many small details. Further manifestations are insomnia, inattention, and the like. ”
The performance of this disease is very prominent. When a soldier returns to normal society after a long battle, blood, and death on the battlefield, there will be great troubles. In the original film "The First Blood", Rambo highlighted this symptom. In the novel "Wolf Group" that I think is very good, the ghoul has this terrible disease. (The butcher seems to have a metamorphosis.) I personally think that as a civilian, the ghoul has entered the unusually brutal battlefield with only a little combat training. The first battle killed nearly a hundred people (still using a knife nearby). The distance from the massacre led to a rather serious war trauma sequelae in the later period.
In the "Soldier Assault", the performance of the first three times after the actual combat can be seen, how painful it is to kill the first time. I personally think that in this respect, more than three are not worthy of being called an old A, and my heart is of poor quality. Wu Zhe performed quite well. He used his sense of honor to dispel fear.
Everyone has some doubts that it is also on the battlefield. Why did the people who stayed in the military camp not show this kind of illness, especially those officers?
The biggest characteristic of the traumatic sequelae of war is that they don’t believe in others, but in the military camp they will find a feeling of security. That is why when soldiers ask the old superiors because of the traumatic sequelae, the first thing they say is: You really shouldn’t have Leave the army.
War will not be avoided. In the face of those soldiers who are killed in the front line, we should be tolerant and care, so that they can find a sense of security. The country should provide a good way for these soldiers to have a good future. When they are returning for the country and killing the people, don't let them cry.

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