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Aux Reg

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.
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Aux Reg

#1 Post by SweetAs »

Im currently undergoing the process for a Reg gunner.
I failed my PGAC last week as I had a bad day on the 3 miler but did well on the rest. So they have asked me to go back in a few weeks, the thing is Im not sure if I can support my girlfriend and little girl on the 500-600 a month you take home during basic.
I do however want to serve my country and work in the Reg.
Can anyone tell me what its like in the Auggies and even though your not a full time gunner do you do the same jobs?? Just thought Id ask before I go and have a word with my Afco.



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#2 Post by gunner75 »

id say it would be an insight, but not the same. i understand fully what you say as i were in same boat. i had house and car to pay for and when your usual paycheck dont come in you have no choice but to be shrewd with money
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