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Shortest waiting list

Discussions on joining & training in the Royal Navy.
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Shortest waiting list

#1 Post by djdenyer »

Hi everyone... Let me tell you a bit about me, I'm a 21yr old male who is desperate to get outh there and do something while im young. I've recently applied to join the RAF as a Weapon Systems Operator, had my filter interview but I'm still waiting to hear anything (3 weeks).
The thing is life in civvy street is getting me down and I've recently got interested in the navy. Just wondering if anyone knew what the shortest waiting lists are and what jobs. I am gonna keep my options open and maybe apply for Navy and RAF see which comes first!


Danny D
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#2 Post by thundersafety »

The only bit of advice I would give is to really think about what job you want to do, rather than going for the one that comes up the quickest.

I completely understand your enthusiasm I am about halfway through the process with the army but try to be patient and really have a read/talk through all your options.

Other than that good on ya and good luck with it all :D

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