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If only prisons were like this.........

Posted: Sun 20 Apr, 2008 10:45 pm
by sportbilly42
No food... no water..... no bed.... no en-suite toilet..... no music, tv or other entertainment..... no way of turning the light off,..... NO ESCAPE!!! Just you on your lonesome in a metal walled cell with a cold lino-covered floor measuring 5ft x 4ft, being left to think about the consequences of your actions.....

And all on CCTV so your every move is monitored.....

Well if it was real the re-offending rate would plummet. Unfortunately we have these prisons on the 'outside' and some of use these every day

....however, for this poor sod, there was no-one watching the CCTV and no rescue at hand. :roll:
(see link)

While at work he goes out for a fag then comes back into the building and gets into the lift ..errm .. the lift with the dodgy buttons... and subjects himself to 41 hours of solitary confinement of the worst kind. His only company is the lift muzak to help him slip over the edge - true mental torture

Watch him go slowly insane in this time lapse footage... :lol: (Thankfully he must have taken a dump out of shot) ... _elevators

Posted: Mon 21 Apr, 2008 8:31 am
by London Boy
My one immediate observation:

I always keep my mobile phone in my trouser pocket! Not in my jacket as this chap obviously does.

Re: If only prisons were like this.........

Posted: Tue 07 Feb, 2012 11:47 pm
by sportbilly42
I posted the first bit of this thread years ago, when the YouTube clip came out of that fella that was caught in a New York lift for 41 hours... (poor sod)

I STILL wish our prisons were a little more like those of the inside of a lift, but I just found this clip the other day which I thought was hilarious, so had to share (you may have seen it) The first link was the actual event.... This link may be a 'slight embellishment of events'. :lol: