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645/646 Squad 50th Anniversary Reunion

Posted: Sun 24 Apr, 2005 1:13 pm
by Rotary Booty
Although 6 or 7 of 645 Squad meet up at CTCRM every year for the RMA September weekend, we thought the 50th Anniversary of our entering the gates of the Depot Deal in Aug/Sep 1955 deserved something special.
We are trying to trace the remainder of the Squad, and hope to have a slot in Ed Stewart's 'Where Are They Now' phase on a Sunday evening.

Dave Howard, KIA at Suez, was our first casualty, and we have heard that Ginge Davidson (SBS) disappeared during a North Sea dive as a civy. If anyone has confirmation/details of this we would appreciate it. Also Mo King, a Jock, who we think died of cancer. The rest of the guys should still be alive and kicking with any luck, but not computer literate it would seem!

Do any Sigs guys remember Colin (Taff) (Geordie) Wearmouth who served with me, straight after training, in 45 Cdo in 1956/57, and married an M'tarfa nurse. Any news could help track him down.


Posted: Tue 17 May, 2005 2:31 pm
by Rotary Booty
We now have a 50th Anniversary Reunion Web Site, which is being added to as information comes in, and we find the missing guys.

http://645squadroyalmarines.mysite.wana ...

So far we have found 15, and just landed one in Australia. There is no escape!


Posted: Tue 17 May, 2005 9:17 pm
by El Prez
Dear Senor Blevins, members of the forums have become concerned at your conversations and postings which are in fact soliloquys. Please take care when crossing roads and runways.
Yours, A Friend. :o

Posted: Fri 27 May, 2005 9:25 pm
by Pilgrim Norway
Was your young Wearmouth a DR Derek ?

Try thon Tom Salt at Wadebridge - same time - same rate.
Otherwise specialist wing Lympstone may be able to cough him up.....
electoral roll etc....


Posted: Sat 28 May, 2005 12:33 pm
by Rotary Booty
Cheers Trog

I never saw him on a motorbike, but he may have been a DR.

While hunting for something else, (which I never found!), I came across an invitation to his wedding! He married Miss Isobel Elgey, of the QARANCs at M'Tarfa Hospital, on 8th March 1958.

I then did a search for couples, but it came up blank.

I'll keep trying!


Posted: Wed 07 Sep, 2005 10:28 am
by Rotary Booty

I found Colin Wearmouth living in Wales, and as we called him 'Taff' as we had too many Geordies and no-one from Wales, I should have thought of that! :o
Unfortunately he has a holiday booked in Kos for the period of the reunion so can't make it. :cry:

This is the final call for any members of 645 CS Squad who joined at Deal in Aug/Sep 1955 as our 50th Anniversary Reunion is taking place this coming weekend the 10th/11th September. Meet at The Grand Hotel Exmouth at 1200hrs on the Saturday. In conjunction with the RMA Reunion weekend at CTCRM. We have found 18 members so the rest are out there somewhere! George Frame, Rev Todd, Derek Hall, Geordie Hayes, Titch Hipkins, Charlie Disney, Isaac Lynas, Martin Maloney, Pony Moore, Tony Sharratt, Geordie Whitworth, Patchett, Ward, Thomas, Salisbury, Rodgers, Bateman, Goodfellow, Kenny, Lees, Jock Dougall and Dennis Lowthian - where are you?!


Posted: Mon 02 Jan, 2006 5:29 pm
by Pilgrim Norway
What cheor Derek canny hinny - are you sitting down ?

Did you have the company of Ron Knubley at your "Do" ?

Or have I found another one for you ?

I got 'is E mail I got .....

One of 'our' New York Tattoo squad 'e was.....


Re: 645/646 Squad 50th Anniversary Reunion

Posted: Wed 27 Dec, 2017 9:00 pm
by George Rodgers
Hi Derek,

It’s George Rodgers from 645 here - came across this site by chance!

I’m a bit late for the 50th anniversary do! Hope it went well and would very much like to join the next time you get together. I have a photo of us all passing out at Deal..


Re: 645/646 Squad 50th Anniversary Reunion

Posted: Wed 15 Apr, 2020 10:22 pm
by dannyisaac
Im a bit late, but my grand dad is isaac lynas.
If anyone sees this and wants to get in contact with isaac drop me a phone call 07308757717