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Army life helloworld

Talk about Military Life, Families, Relatives, Wives, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters and the community.
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Army life helloworld

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The life of a soldier from getting up to bed is roughly:
(1) getting up
When you hear the wake-up number (signal), you should get up immediately and dress as required.
(two) morning exercise
Morning exercises after getting up, usually for half an hour.
(3) Washing
After morning exercise, wash and organize the house and clean indoors and outdoors, usually no more than half an hour.
(4) Opening meals (early, medium and supper)
Open the meal on time according to the prescribed time. When you hear the meal number (signal), the detachment should be assembled and enter the cafeteria in turn. Keep quiet when you eat, and leave on your own.
(5) Class
Before the class, you should be prepared according to the subject content. Upon hearing the course number (signal), the duty officer quickly assembled the team, checking the number, dressing and equipment and equipment that should be carried, and checking the guns.
(6) Lunch break (noon)
Lunch breaks are usually dominated by individuals, but they are not allowed to go out privately.
(7) Extracurricular activities
The company should give the soldiers no less than two extracurricular activities each week to handle personal matters. For the rest of the extracurricular activities, the company will arrange cultural sports or other activities.
(8) Late name
If the company is named late, it should be counted to count the number of people. The method of counting the number of people should be checked by the employee on duty or by the head of the company according to the roster. When the soldier hears the name of the song, he should immediately answer the question, and the person who has not arrived will be answered by the monitor.
Late names are not less than three times a week, and Sundays and holidays must be named. Each name must not exceed twenty minutes.
(9) Going to bed
The tenant will issue a signal to prepare for bedtime ten minutes before the lights out (signal), urge all the staff to prepare for bedtime, and immediately go to bed when they hear the lights-off sign (signal). After going to bed, you must remain quiet.
The food is strengthened, breakfast is a porridge, and the daily standard is 20 yuan.

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