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Real military life in the army helloworld

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Real military life in the army helloworld

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We always feel that the soldiers are far away from us, and they always seem to be covered with a mysterious veil. When you see soldiers in your life, are you always in awe? Today, Xiaobian takes you into the daily life of the soldiers at close range.
In fact, many soldiers are very young. They are all high school graduates who are going to be soldiers. Where can they be older? Military training is always windy and sun-drenched, and the skin is black and natural, but it seems to be more stable and can shock each other.
In the TV series, the sharpshooters who are going to learn and hit a single attack are almost non-existent in the army. The real situation is that they have to train repeatedly every day, there is no aura in TV, they are just ordinary people, and they are ordinary people who have suffered a lot more than others.
The military's internal affairs are always admirable. Shoes, belts, and clothes have strict requirements. The quilt must be stacked into tofu. There must be no clothes on the bed. You can't sit on the bed while wearing shoes. These regulations are in the eyes of many of us. They are all incomprehensible, but these regulations have created well-trained and rigorous Chinese soldiers.
When you sleep in the middle of the night, you will immediately climb up and wear it to the meeting point in a few minutes. This is really unimaginable for many of us who sleep like pigs. Others say that the military is well treated and has high wages, but it can't be spent with money. There are only a few times in a year, and there are only a handful of times to meet with relatives.
Others think that military personnel can gather in the dormitory like on TV. The real situation is that they have to sneak a meal, and there is nothing to eat. They usually eat in the cafeteria. If the mobile phone is to be confiscated, you can't access the Internet at ordinary times, and you can't send news about the troops on the Internet.
The troops are very ordinary, there are not so many auras, but they are not ordinary. The strict and arduous training has created the Chinese soldiers who we are proud of. They have dedicated their freedom to protect our country and pay tribute to the Chinese soldiers!

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