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RMR to full time RM Officer (and age waiver?)

Discussions about the Royal Marines Reserve.
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RMR to full time RM Officer (and age waiver?)

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Hi all,

Posted on here a few times a while back. Basically I'd taken on a decent job and thought I should stick it out a while, which I have. No further forward on the "no regrets" out of my mind thing and now very keen to join the RM full time as an officer. I've spoken to the recruiting office, but am unfortunately a year too late...Which is a kick in the balls but my own fault clearly. Bizarelly with current job I'm in a better physical state than I was early 20s when I should have really got my finger out about this, which is leaving an even bitter taste in my mouth!

I read somewhere online (although cant find it now) that it may be an option to pass Phase 1 of RMR training, and if the CO approves it you can be put forward for regular RM up to the age of 30.

Can anyone tell me more? Guy I spoke to in AFCO wasn't sure.

Many thanks for any advice,

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