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RMR monthly pay

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J Davison
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RMR monthly pay

#1 Post by J Davison »

I'm looking to join RMR Tyne next year whilst at University and was wondering what the monthly pay will be during training and after. It's not all about the pay, I just want to know if I will have to get another part time job to fund being a student.

Cheers, Jamie

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#2 Post by barrybudden »

Its around about £30 a day plus travel in training. how ever you would be as well asking in the AFCO. After training it goes up to about £40 a day.

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#3 Post by Von »

Just think of it, your mates wil be stacking shelves for their cash and you will have free personal trainers, free shooting and free food. What more could you ask for.

Doing the RMR works well for a lot of students as a way of earning money. You did need to have this the right way round though; you should want to be in the RMR and consider it a plus that it means you don't need to get a part time job; if your reason for doing it is because you want the money then you will probably fall by the way side. There are easier ways to earn the cash; although if you have joined for the right reasons then probably none that will give you more satisfaction.
Do also bear in mind what you won't spend if you are with the RMR; your friends will be out on the town on the Friday and Saturday and you will be out on Otterburn ranges in the middle a storm.
There are other pluses to bear in mind such as free sports. I don't know if RMR Tyne do it but RMR London let recruit go to the Royal Navy Ski championships which they pay them their day rate for. What it works out at is a two week ski trip in the Alpes pretty much gratis.
If you pass out then you might even be able to go operational during summer leave. A mate of mine who is a student and in the RMR has spent his last two summers in Afghanistan, again it beats stacking shelves in Sainsburys.
Good luck,

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