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Joining - Questions ?!

Discussions about the Royal Marines Reserve.
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Joining - Questions ?!

#1 Post by Dave30 »

Hi All,

I have been thinking about the idea of joining the RMR. Im 30 years old, a single guy and looking for a challenge. I was wondering if realistically I will be too old ? , also I enjoy running and going to the gym but my termperament etc isnt that of the tough hard nut soldier I assume Marines will be so basically I would want to get , mental toughness, self confidence and discipline from the training. I am totally aware that it is a very difficult process for normally I shirk away from this kind of thing but I keep having recurring thoughts of going through selection

Am I wasting my time ?


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#2 Post by Chas »

Simply don't waste time.
Go for it ! Maturity should
help if your desire is genuine. :lol:
I was real rufty tufty when I joined.
All of 5'6" and a tad weighing in at
just under 10 stones. Very rugged
(I don't think) and very young. :wink:
It is the 'want factor !' Hence it is
up to you and questions can only be
answered by your goodself. :evil:
RM., Colonial Police & Queen's Regt HSF.

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