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Royal Marines Reserve

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Royal Marines Reserve

#1 Post by JamesSly1989 »

Just a few questions...

Firstly, i am looking to join the RMR once i have left 6th form in June. How long does the application proccess take from the time i visit the RMR centre to when i can start training? secondly, how often on average do RMR's get called up for active service? And how often in a year will i have to go on weekends away etc etc once i have completed all my training. I am very keen to join and would be greatful for any advice i am given.



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#2 Post by Eagle »

How long is a piece of string? You have to get all your forms in and pass various tests before you can do holding troop and then selection. There might be a bit of an overlap with form filling and holding troop but I think you would need to have the forms in etc before selection but don;t quote me on that.

Not sure how many weekends you have to complete once you've finished training, but during training its every other weekend pretty much. i think it;s a lot less once you've finished.

Re. active service suggest you ask your unit/AFCO.

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