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RMR Scotland are recruiting now for April

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Harry Masker
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RMR Scotland are recruiting now for April

#1 Post by Harry Masker »

Just a heads up!
RMR Scotland will be having a Selection weekend in the middle of April.

So, if you like the usual recruit thing:-


Then you’re in!

Also, tell all your pals and family that you’re joining... that way you find it hard to give up!

They may even start a Holding troop if prior interest is high.

Unit # 0141-445-6020

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#2 Post by Skiffle »

The next PRC will take place on the weekend of the 13th - 15th of April.

All RMR Scotland detachments shall be running presentation evenings once a month leading upto the course (contact RMR Scotland HQ for details 0141 445 6020)

All candidates for the course should contact AFCO to ensue all paper work, security checks and medical assessments have been undertaken prior to the PRC weekend.
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