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a little-known story helloworld

General information on Military History.
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a little-known story helloworld

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1. During World War II, at an international conference, Churchill's assistant handed him a note. After Churchill saw it, he immediately returned to the assistant. After reading the assistant, he threw the incoming note into the trash. After the Soviet Union's special trade unions, they took out the words, but they were puzzling about the above contents. They were finally identified as the latest British whispers and listed as one of the most urgently needed codes for the Secret Service. The content of the note is: the eagle will not fly out of the nest.

Unfortunately, the Soviet agents did not see the assistant handed the message to Churchill. The above content is: Sir, your zipper is open.

Comment: Neurosensitive people see everything sensitive to nerves.

2. After Germany invaded the Soviet Union, Stalin intended to appoint a new chief of staff of the navy. He fancy Lieutenant General Isakov of the Deputy Naval People's Committee. Isakov thought that he could not be competent, so he refused Stalin and said: "I have to be honest with you, I am flawed. I lost a leg in the war." Stalin asked: "Is this the only flaw that you feel is incompetent? Isakov said: "Yes, Comrade Stalin." Stalin said with a smile: "Our former Navy chief of staff did not even have a mind, but you have no legs, no big deal."

Comment: Say you can do it, you can't do it; if you can't do it, you can't do it, you can't do it. Horizontal batch: not convinced

3. In 1936, Eugene O'Neill, the Nobel writer's winner, returned to his alma mater after winning the prize. He deliberately went to the dormitory where he once lived to go to the old place to revisit. There was a pair of men and women in the bedroom who were talking about love, which was strictly forbidden at the time. The male student hid the female classmate in the coat of the coat in order to avoid it.

O'Neill and the principal and other people visited the bedroom with great interest. The layout of the bedroom was the same as that of O'Neill's 20 years ago. O'Neill said with emotion: "It is the same as the previous layout." After that, he turned and touched the table. Then he said, "It’s the same as the table." Then, he turned to the big closet and said, "It’s the same as the wardrobe." Then he opened the closet and saw the girl with a blushing face. O'Neill said very calmly: "And once The same girl." Finally, turned to a boy and said: "Be sure to say the same lie as ever."

Comment: The 18-year-old boy has more women in the heart than the emperor's Sangong Sixth House. The idea of ​​the girl is even worse than the toilet, but at the same time, there are countless lies for a good love. The key is that the girl is still convinced.

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