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Series III

Require help and assistance, please ask?
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Series III

#1 Post by ficottercraig »

Can anyone help me? I have a 1977 ex military series landrover. Unfortunately the ex REME guy who used to maintain it died and i am having a battle with a civilian 'enthusiast' who I have sent it to as the exhaust needed to be replaced. Ever since there have been problems with starting (sporadic) and general running of the engine. The new guy's suggestion was to remove the second tank as there is an issue with the switch on twin tank landys. There hadn't been for the last fifteen years and I'm wondering if someone might have any idea why a new exhaust would cause these problems. Apparently fitting it was 'a nghtmare' and he had to take the manifold apart to replace the front section of the exhaust.

That's it - if anyone can help I would be incredibly grateful.

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Re: Series III

#2 Post by Beast »

Late to reply here, but check the glow plugs!
If the manifold was touched, are they damaged or have they been reconnected?

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