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Re: War Pensions

Posted: Fri 06 Dec, 2013 10:40 am
by MikeLawson
Have you ever witnessed that the Federal government are looking at restricting JUST ABOUT ALL STATEMENTS (to spend less money).
Based on the media record My partner and i read ('Telegraph' on the weekend) they're receiving touchy regarding the variety of promises and also the numbers of income concerned.

Many people feel all people are simply just bouncing for the promises bandwagon - seems in my experience such as Princess or queen A2z tony can be beginning turn the your time ADVERTISING equipment.

Maybe they might desire that we should most move through civvy process of law - i quickly question how much coin would be concerned.
graviora quaedam sunt remedia periculus
"some cures will be more grievous compared to as opposed to peril.


Posted: Sun 22 Dec, 2019 7:05 pm
by marcF041
Mutley wrote: Wed 09 Jan, 2002 11:02 am Just to dispel another myth:
You don't need a 'Hurt Certificate', they [urlpicard-demenagement/] Demenagement particulier [/url] stopped issuing them ages ago anyway.
But I understand you need a damn good memory (only :grin:).
Perhaps someone could shed some light onto this matter, and if anyone knows how much it is.