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General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.
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#1 Post by darkwarrior »

Why does the RAuxAF not publicise itself a little more? The TA gets all the TV adds and spots in glossy mags but why not the RAuxAF?

Any thoughts?

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#2 Post by Macdui »


You're right that the RAuxAF is very low profile. I suppose the obvious answer is that the TA is a far larger organization with a larger budget to throw at advertising campaigns. As the RAuxAF is smaller with a narrower geographic reach running a national advertising campaign would not be very cost effective. They tend to try and recruit within the local area that they are based and target their advertising there. Having said that, they could certaintly have a loader voice, as many potential recruits are not even aware they exist and join the TA instead. But the RAuxAf could reach more potential recruits as the entry age is quite a bit higher than in the army......

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