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Aptitude Tests

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.
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Aptitude Tests

#1 Post by scouse77 »

Does anybody know what the aptitude tests consist of and if there is a pass / fail mark for joining as a gunner?

Any other info concerning the joining process would be most appreciated.



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#2 Post by Macdui »

The aptitude test is now the same for the RAuxAF as for the regulars. It is about 3 hours long and consists of several different sections - verbal and numerical reasoning, spatial awareness, electrical and mechanical reasoning and a memory test. The passmark for Gunners is in the high 30s (out of 100). This is the lowest required passmark for any trade in the RAF.
However, don't take it lightly, some potential gunners fail it. Basically, do the practice questions provided in the booklet and brush up on your basic maths (fractions, decimals etc). I know this is a little late but hope this helps and good luck with it..........

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