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General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.
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Home to Unit Distance

#1 Post by scouse77 »

Can anybody please advise on the rules concerning the distance between your home address and the location of the unit you wish to join.

I live in the North West and the nearest unit would appear to be RAF Leeming, which is approx 120 miles away. I have no problem travelling this distance but I have heard that the RAF/Reserve would be reluctant to except me as they would deem this distance too great.

Thanks in advance


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#2 Post by aes69 »

Nearest unit for what fella? RAF Wittering, Cottesmore & Henlow would be closer I would think.

There are 2 lads at the Aux unit here at Henlow, one travels from Norway once a month and there's the fella who travels up from Cornwall. (Henlow is near Bedford by the way)

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#3 Post by Rockape »

RAF reservists travelling great distances to attend their unit is nothing new. 612 Sqn at RAF Leuchars is a surgical unit, employing medical specialists from around the UK. The sqn pays for these people to attend from its travel and subsistence budget.

Enquire of the staff at 609 Sqn about the payment for home to duty travel and see what they say. I would have thought that, given what you've put in your post, you'll only be attending training at weekends, as travelling 120 miles for a Wednesday night training session might be stretching yourself. One weekend a month probably won't break the bank as far as 609 Sqn is concerned.
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