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RAFauxReg gunner training

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.
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RAFauxReg gunner training

#1 Post by rockapemk1 »

Any advice or ideas on what the training is like? Its a slight trek to Benson but i dont like the idea of joining 600 squadron as they only do blues type things that involve aircraft....nasty things lol

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#2 Post by Rockape »

Normally on an Operations Support Squadron, RAF Regt recruits do a Basic Recruit Course, followed by a Basic Gunner Course.

The BRC is normally 15 days long and teaches things like general service knowledge, first aid, NBC and drill.

Once a recruit successfully passes the BRC, he then starts his Basic Gunner Course. Depending on the squadron, this can be done one of two ways. The first is another 2 week course, taking in all the training objectives. The second, and more likely, is that the Basic Gunner Course is spread out over Drill Nights and weekends. Obviously the second way takes much longer and depends on the individual being a regular attender.

The training is based on the same training objectives as for a regular Gunner, but in many areas the performance level to be attained is lower.

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#3 Post by skygod75 »

how many times per month does a sqn have a training weekend? is it once per month, or twice every other weekend? is the training similar to infantry TA or is it less/more intense?

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