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Being in the TA

General discussions on joining & training in the Territorial Army.
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Being in the TA

#1 Post by willmackie »

Hi guys.

I'm new to this forum and have stumbled across something that is bothering me.

I'm in the process of joining the TA (about to get a date for an interview).

I've seen on another thread the the maximum amount you can train with the TA is 27 days a year (and receive pay).
The reason I'm joining the TA (I'm also at university so unable to join regs) is to improve fitness and overall well being with the intention or acceptance of being deployed after studies.

With regards to this 27 day a year limit, is it possible to continue training beyond those days with or without pay?
In all honesty, I'd be happy to join even if they only issued equipment.

Speaking of which, what equipment do you actually get once you complete all training?
Clothing etc.


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