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C4 project - Are you different to your parents?

General discussions on joining & training in the Territorial Army.
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C4 project - Are you different to your parents?

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Blast! Films are developing a new series for Channel 4 which is looking at the differences between parents and their children. We are looking to speak with 16+ yr olds who, having been brought up in a spiritual, communal and/or 'liberal' environment, are now looking to join the Armed forces.

Have you grown up in a family with no boundaries, rules or constraints?
Do your parents have completely different ideals to you?

We are looking to hear from people who are interested in joining the military and would be happy to share their stories and experiences about growing up in a liberal environment. Young people are often portrayed getting drunk or into trouble, and we are interested in making a series which challenges this.

We are looking to speak with young adults/teenagers and their parents for research purposes, this week.

If this is you or someone you know, please get in touch ASAP with Laura Vaughan at

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