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newbie looking to join REME Ta.....

General discussions on joining & training in the Territorial Army.
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gti power
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newbie looking to join REME Ta.....

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Hi I'm looking to join the TA as a vehicle mechanic for the REME, as I'm a mechanic in my day job.
My local unit is 101 bn in Wrexham.
As you can imagine I have many questions however my first one is I have a criminal record for assault although I'm not proud of my conviction it's my only offence and was a silly mistake which led me to be on 12months probation inwhich my probation officer is looking to terminate early as she feels its unnecessary for me to do the 12months.
I'm not a idiot I made one mistake that I have regretted since can you see this being a issue with allowing me to join?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: newbie looking to join REME Ta.....

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All you can do is ask at the recruiting office and know doubt they can give you the up to date gen on this

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