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Preparing to join the TA - fitness.

General discussions on joining & training in the Territorial Army.
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Preparing to join the TA - fitness.

#1 Post by Vic »

I really want to join the TA and was going to head down to the Careers Office next week on my day off to have a word with them about it. But reading through this forum I'm a bit nervous now, I am fit, slim and eat healthy but I know I could be a lot more active. Would it be better for me to start a proper fitness regime and visit the careers office once i've improved my stamina or should I go along now to register my interest first?

I would say i'm in the middle - not unfit and not crazy buff.. Do I need to be at my best fitness level now or will the TA train me into better fitness.. If I should do it myself first can anybody give me tips on where to start? Like training tips, I saw a few people write that it's more about running stamina than anything, to be honest I've never been much for running so does anyone have any advice about how I should start getting into it? How long to run, rest days etc. Would it be a good idea to join a gym and tell the trainer there that I'm wanting to improve my fitness specifically for the TA so I can do other activities or will jogging be the best way to begin.

Any advice or information at all would be great!

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Re: Preparing to join the TA - fitness.

#2 Post by Millar »

Sign an interest now, there's large waiting lists for many Jobs now due to obviously how the economy is and everything else, not to mention the actual application process is built up in different stages, so you will have plenty of time during the process to prepare yourself so don't worry this early about your fitness, and remember only a Basic Level of fitness is required to join the Army as Regular or TA, so providing you practice running eat well avoid getting into trouble with the Police you should be fine, just ofcourse the fitter you are the easier you will find training, but don't let it put you off joining.

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Re: Preparing to join the TA - fitness.

#3 Post by Hyperlithe »

Do both...
Start trying to improve your fitness AND go and start the application process.
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