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Joining the TA (medical)

Posted: Sat 23 Jun, 2012 3:54 pm
by Wannabedreamer
I am 32 and thinking of joining a TA infantry unit.

I have a few questions regarding medical and medical history.

I just want to know how strict the medical? . I have been to the Dr a few times over the years with aches and pains. I had back problems (6 years ago), a knee issue (11 years ago), diagnosed with flat feet and shin splints (8 years ago). All my problems resolved naturally without any surgery and just a couple of pain killers. I have had no further issues for the last 4 years

With what's happened to me in the past medically, could this effect me joining the TA? . I don't want to go through application to then be told your not medically fit.


Re: Joining the TA (medical)

Posted: Sun 24 Jun, 2012 4:42 pm
by Millar
Your Dr will send the medical assessment Team your records so they will more than likely ask you about them, as far as determining whether or not you would be able to join all depends on how the tests go I would believe, or they would ask you to get clearance from a specialist, if I was you I would consult your Dr see what he/she says.