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selection weekend questions

General discussions on joining & training in the Territorial Army.
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selection weekend questions

#1 Post by stevenholmes »

Just signed up too this forum today so firstly, hello!
Ive finally got my date for ADSC i cant wait to be part of the 106 field squadron royal engineers its something that ive always wanted to do, wish i would of joined earlier or well.
Anyway I was wondering, how did you guys get on at selection weekend and what is the average pass rate for people joining the TA, Im quite confident that im prepared for the jog although I do only jog 3 times a week for about 2 miles tops, dont get me wrong i sometimes feel like my lungs are gonne jump out of my chest has I am a smoker but I should be ok as long as its a steady jog and not actually running.
what should I talk about on the icebreaker I dont want to rant on about rubbish (any tips on this).
Also im quite a small guy (in height) :wink: for my age , will this effect me on some of the tasks such as the jerry can carry. sorry id give you my height but cant remenber it 5 foot somet lol .

cheers people any info on your experiences or what could fail me "anything" will be appreciated


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Re: selection weekend questions

#2 Post by Da_sheriff »

first time i done my TA selection (failed on fitness, going again soon)
one tip id have for you regarding the jerry can walk, grab the ones with the smoothed handle. the cans i grabbed had a very sharp join where the two can halfs were welded badly together. hurt like a right mother f***er.

Ice breaker, not sure what you can talk about, something you enjoy really. just dont do what i done the first time and open up with jason rouse line (very blue humor comedian).

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Re: selection weekend questions

#3 Post by Quox »

Hey Steven! I've literately joined the forum and followed your footsteps!

I was just about to start a thread asking about the Selection weekend, its good to realise im not alone in this boat! :P

Anyway I believe you have to complete a 1.5 mile run in under 12 mins... With 800 meters (not timed) prior to that... (I foresee myself face down in the mud unconscious)

Then as you mentioned is the jerry can walk, each one at about 20kg, and you have to walk a distance of about 180 meters or so... but I cant remember exactly! :-\

Next up is the Static lift... I think is about 40-50 KG's again, my memory sucks...

Best of luck! (Im going to need it too)


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