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Looking at joining the TA

General discussions on joining & training in the Territorial Army.
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Looking at joining the TA

#1 Post by AndyG72 »

Quick intro, Im Andy im 39 and im from West London, ive been thinking about joining the TA for a while, but now ive thought im going to do it before i regret not doing it.
At the moment the only real exercise i do is ride to and from work which is an 8 mile round trip, im 18.5 st and 5'10" im trying to get my fitness so by Feb/March, strength wise things shouldnt be problem.
Im looking at 562 squadron RLC, i havent spoke to anybody yet from the TA only because i want to get my fitness levels up.

So with that has anybody got any advice, regarding fitness and what to expect etc


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Re: Looking at joining the TA

#2 Post by Wholley »

I reckon you answered your own question.
Talk to the local TA,voice your concerns and get some advice from those that know.

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Re: Looking at joining the TA

#3 Post by mike.dt »

The levels of fitness required by the TA are slightly less than the regs, but you should still take them seriously. You need to get yourself used to doing some running. Do some running throughout the week and then at the end of each week practice running the 1.5 mile test and keep trying to beat your previous time. The army is mainly about running fitness more than anything, so this should be your main focus point. The RLC isn't a combat arm as i'm sure you understand, so with that they don't need to be superfit guys, but don't let that stop you putting in some effort.

Motivation is often a problem if you're not reaching your goals or whatever so just remember to keep your chin up and keep pushing yourself, and never let yourself say "oh, i'll just skip today's run". Also remember to stretch before and after.

hope this helps :)
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