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TA Officer while at University

General discussions on joining & training in the Territorial Army.
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TA Officer while at University

#1 Post by jackattack »

I was considering the UOTC but i havent heard anything good about it. Wondering what it would be like to be an officer in the TA while studying at uni. Also, I am currently in sixth year, would i have to take a gap year off to get through the application process or is it possible to do it over summer if i start now? I know they cant send you on tour while in full time education but would it be possible to go on tour during my summer break in between university years? And can you request the time of year your two week leave is? Is studying and training manageable?

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Re: TA Officer while at University

#2 Post by Tab »

Now if you like that sort of thing then life as an officer in the Army can be fun. Tour of Duty well you can always refuse to go, but if you are at Uni and they know you are studying then there should not be a problem.

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