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Joining the TA and have a few questions.

General discussions on joining & training in the Territorial Army.
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Joining the TA and have a few questions.

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So just a bit of background info so you guys know the crack. Im 19, male, 6' 2" and 14 stone, i consider myself to be of an average fitness level but have recently started training again after a long break, got back in the gym and im running regularly. Interests have varied a lot over the years but most recently have been training in mixed martial arts for a year and circuit training (if you could call that an interest). I guess i've always liked the idea of joining the Armed Forces, and its always been an idea that has remained hidden in the back of my mind, but about 3 weeks ago i eventually decided to take the first step, and sent away my online application, filled in with as much detail as i could manage at the time.
I got a phone-call back from the Careers Office 3 days ago and they told me i should come in next Friday as they have a regular weekly presentation where a guy from the TA comes in and talks about life/training in the TA. However, this prompted a couple of questions.


1) Has anyone else been to any of these presentations before, and if so can you give me a bit of an insight on what to expect?

2) If anyone has a rough idea how long it takes from application to selection weekend, i would love to know, as im dying to get started.

3) What is the deal with the pay, i know there is a lot of information out there, but i've done a hell of a lot of reading and i still dont quite understand it, i know the TA isn't here to support the unemployed, and that is not why im doing it, but i am still interested in the pay. So for example, i already know i get paid per day i spend training, but how long per day do you spend training? And is there a maximum amount of days that i can train in a year?


I know that there is a minimum amount of days you need to train, which i think is around 26, cant remember off the top of my head, but i feel like this is a very small amount of time spent training, and was wondering if ill get the opportunity to do much more than this?

So yeah, sorry for the giant wall of text, but I just wanted a few things clarified in-case they're questions with obvious answers and i go making a tit out of myself by asking them in-front of other potential recruits.

Cheers in advance for any information, and please be constructive, this is all relatively new to me so don't go taking the piss if ive cocked up somewhere.


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