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TA or RMR? - not as simple as it sounds for me

General discussions on joining & training in the Territorial Army.
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TA or RMR? - not as simple as it sounds for me

#1 Post by kyle-jdm »

Hey guys,
I have posted this in both the TA and RMR forums to get as many answer as i can.
To cut a long story short, im in my last year of university in scotland and will be finished my course by the end of may. Some people might think this sounds stupid but i intend on working full time for roughly two years in something completely different from my degree, ie i want to do something relatively physical and preferably outdoors. After this i want to travel the world for about a year then come back and use my degree to get a career. This is just a rough idea.

During this period of full time work i want to do either the RMR or TA on the side. If i were to join the TA it would be as an officer. The only issue with the RMR is i would have to wait until November when RMR Scotland will have their next selection day. Although its a while, im currently not at the fitness standards required. I do want to go on tour, but i dont really want to be compulsorily deployed just before i intend to go travelling. I would rather volunteer for a tour soon after i finish training to get it out the way.

The main differences i have found are:
TA - training is easier, less chance of deployment, i have a TA centre a 2 minute drive from my house.
RMR - its what i really want to do, training is much more difficult, more chance of deployment, centre is 45 mins from my house.

The questions i have are as follows:
Which do you think would be more suitable to my circumstances?
Can you volunteer to go on a tour? (what i mean by this is, rather than being hit with a compulsory deployment, is there a chance to volunteer for a tour if it slots into my lifestyle?)
How often can i expect to be deployed with either TA or RMR?

thanks in advance guys, Kyle.

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