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Chosen trade change

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Chosen trade change

#1 Post by djdenyer »

Hi all,

I've got myself into a bit of a dilemma, basically I'm currently trying to apply for WsOP and have my OASC date in May (postponed from Feb due to injury). However recently I've been having serious second thoughts and I'm now inclined to do something different. The whole idea of starting off as a sergeant makes me worry and realistically I don't think I could do it.
I still want a career in the RAF but I believe I could be better suited to a ground role, i.e. learn a trade, hands on and also the idea of progressing from lower down appeals more to me.

Any advice off you guys would be greatly appreciated.


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#2 Post by Fwd 5 »

If it is just the rank thing that is concerning you then I don't think you have too much to worry about. Before the Air Force will give you that rank you will have been selected at OASC for the required qualities and trained at Cranwell as to what is expected of you. You will then spend at least another two years in the flying training system before they will let you loose on the the world.
Remember that the Air Force has been employing direct entry SNCO aircrew for decades and most of then had no more experience than you do when they started. The system seems to work.
The fact you have been invited to OASC means that someone in the selection system thinks you might just have what it takes. Why not turn up and give it your best shot, the worst they can do is say no and then you are still free to apply for a ground trade.
The bottom line is that in five years time you could be sitting at an airfield in a supporting role watching others strapping themselves into an aircraft to go and fly the mission and thinking"I could have done that".

On the other hand, you could be sitting at Kandahar (because I'm sure we'll still be there) watching the aircraft return with no flares or ammunition and with fuel pissing out of the holes in the side thinking "thank f@#k I didn't do that".
It is a big decision and one that only you can make in the end.
Best of luck with your decision

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#3 Post by Scopie »

I'll be honest,

From my experience i've only ever heard WSOp's referred to as "Plastic Sergeants" due to the fact they aren't seen to "earn" their rank in the same way people who go in as ground trades do.

However, you'll out-rank them so that won't matter.. haha.

More seriously, you'll be put on a probationary period after recieving your tapes, and won't be just left to get on with it.

I believe it's the best part of 18months WSOp training, so by the time you've completed all that you'll be sufficiently trained to carry out your duties as a Sergeant.

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#4 Post by Hyperlithe »

You could have 3 stripes on in as little as 19 weeks after joining, but you won't be given any duty more strenuous than running the guardroom for at least a year after that! There's the 6 month generic WSOp course to get through, then you're streamed into whatever THEY think you're fit for, and wherever they have vacancies, and then you do your spec phase training. Which could take another 18 months or more, depending on what you get streamed.

You are passed off the ITC because you have displayed the potential to be a good SNCO, not because you are one.
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