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Para application steps

General discussions on joining & training in The Parachute Regiment.
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Para application steps

#1 Post by Roland-deschain123 »

Hi everyone, some weeks back I passed my formal interview and am waiting to go to selection. Parachute reg is my first choice job, rifles reg 2nd and royal artillery 3rd.

I got sent a rec plan after booking my interview and it said assessment would be likely be in November, and "preferred" starting date would be febuary

At no point has anyone mentioned when a PRAC would be.

Am I right in thinking that upon successful completition of initial selection of then go onto PRAC or is this not the case?

My interviewer told me my next step would be selection so I'm thinking maybe if I pass selection I'll be sent straight to catterick for para training?

Everything I've read about the application process is from 2013 at the latest so I'm guessing with it nearly being 2015 and all perhaps things are different now. Seems like a major recruitment push atm. Also told in interview that chins or underarm heaves aren't part of selection anymore?? What's that about .. The not thing I do exceedingly well at lol.

Cheers in advance for your help

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Re: Para application steps

#2 Post by Zero_Higher »

You will need to attend a Parachute Regiment Assessment Course which is held at The Parachute Regiment Assessment Centre (PRAC) at Catterick. The course comprises of a series of physical tests to examine your durability and physical fitness. The assessment covers three days and upon successful completion you will be given a start date to join a platoon in PARA Company. You will be given a date in due course.


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