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Getting fit enough to join

General discussions on joining & training in The Parachute Regiment.
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Getting fit enough to join

#1 Post by murphy2012 »

Hi guys, im currently re-applying for the parachute regiment (was in march last year and DAOR'd week 6 with lack of fitness and mental strength been my reasons)
since then I've put the majority of my emphasis on endurance and hills (most runs at depot were like this and I couldn't keep up) as oppose to 1.5 mile training, and they have helped me build on my mental strength massively)
I've managed to get quite abit fitter than what I was at depot last time, and I think there is about 6 months left in my application before ill probably start training again and I want to be as fit as possible to avoid making the mistake like I did last time.
Anyways, here's what I do in a week (only including cardio, my upper body work is fine and im not worried about that) :

Monday - Leg weights at the gym ( good leg strength has its place)

Tuesday - 2 mile run (aim for 6:50 min miles or better, pace is slightly uncomfortable if anything). 6x200m hill sprints (increase by 1 rep a week) Then 2 mile run afterwards ( 7 min miles or better)

Wednesday - 11.2 mile long slow distance run (with about 4 hilly miles in the middle) on the flats I do sub 7:10 min miles on the flats (feels easy) until the hills, but the hills make the rest a hangout, and I do it usually around 8:30 min miles average

Thursday - Rest from cardio (maybe swimming if anything)

Friday - 9.37 mile steady run. Mostly flat with 1 big hill in the middle, try to keep the average pace 7:30 min miles so its quite steady

Saturday - Speedwork intervals. I do these on the treadmill at 2% incline as I don't live near a track, and I don't have to worry about traffic and can focus on going as fast as I can on the intervals. Plus the 2% incline makes them hard too.
I do 3x1200m at 18kph (takes 4:00) and lower to 17.5kph for the last rep if need be.
followed by 3x800m at 18kph
6x400 (first rep 5% incline, then lower by 1% each rep) on 19kph

Sunday - full rest

Im hoping this programme will get me more than fit enough, and hopefully give me the endurance and hill work I need for catterick :)
Im not too sure on my current 1.5 mile time, but given I do 1200m in 4:00 I'd expect somewhere around 8:30-8:45. With any luck in 6 months Id like this to be sub 8:30

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