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Adsc concerns

General discussions on joining & training in The Parachute Regiment.
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Adsc concerns

#1 Post by Ryan1990 »

Hi every one , this is my first post so please bare with me...

I have selection at adsc Lichfield on the 19th of December and just wanted some tips. My fitness is up to scratch as I'm a triathlete so I pretty much breath running swimming and cycling ... I'm a little more concerned about the team tasks and the interview. Also how much research should I do into my 2nd and 3rd choices? And are there any particular parts of the para regs history etc I should make sure I know for the interview? If any one is at adsc Lichfield on the 19th of jan let me know too :)

1st choice para 2nd guards 3 rd line infantry run time 8.33 press ups 104 2 mins sit ups 98 in 2 mins 16 heaves.

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Re: Adsc concerns

#2 Post by tractorboydan »

Fitness sounds spot on there, though I suppose it should be for a triathlete.

What exactly about the team tasks concerns you?

I've done ADSC before (albeit at Pirbright instead), so can offer a little experience.

A lot of people at ADSC try to stand out amongst the others. While this isn't too bad for fitness parts of the process, it completely negates what is being looked for during the team events. I found during the team events that a lot of people took a "whoever shouts loudest is best heard" approach, hoping that their ideas for solving problems etc were right and that the selection staff would notice it.
Right and wrong is not the be all and end all of these tasks. They are looking for the groups' abilities to come up with a relevant solution together, and then implementing it as a team. The best approach is to let everyone have their say. If you can be seen organising the group, suggesting that everyone has an opportunity to speak without being shouted down etc, then that is a bonus. Finding out each others' strengths and weaknesses will help here. Having this conversation with the lads of the team in which you are placed will ensure that everyone is focused on the task at hand from a group perspective, rather than that of a bundle of individuals, and will help your group to stand out amongst others to your selection staff.

As for regimental history - I don't think it is paramount, but will certainly go a long way if certain events and dates are known (operation market garden, bruneval raid, etc). You will be expected to learn and revise regimental history once you start at 2ITC (assuming you are selected), particularly that of that platoon you are put in (Bruneval having been mine [I DAOR for reasons I won't bore you with back in '08 and have applied to join again, so am probably a little behind you now]).

There are 7 training platoons, all named after battle honours of the Paras - these are Arnhem, Athens, Breville, Bruneval, Normandy, Oudna, Tamera - so it won't harm you to start swatting up on these battle honours prior to joining your fellow recruits at Catterick.

Some knowledge of your 2nd and 3rd choices is advisable, but I would personally also stress in the interview how determined you are to join the Paras, and make sure that your fitness results closely match what they're looking for to make sure you back your claims up with substance.

Other than that, best of luck. Passing selection will make for the perfect Christmas present!

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