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Ex ADF wanting to join

General discussions on joining & training in The Parachute Regiment.
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Ex ADF wanting to join

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Im currently in the Australian Defence Force and am thinking of applying for the British Army, namely The Parachute Regiment when Ive finished my service in 2.5 years. Thing is when we finish our IMPS we have to join the inactive reserves for 5 years. We basically stay on the books for 5 years but there is no requirement what so ever to turn up for anything. We can go about our lives as we wish. Does anyone know if this would make me unsuitable? I don't think anyone has involuntarily put back into service since WW2.

Another thing too, if I was eligible could I start the application process whilst I was still in the ADF? I know it takes a while to get through the recruiting phase so I figured I'de travel over to the UK periodically on leave and do whatever testing I needed to do then fly back. I'de probably do it in the last 12 months of my contract assuming I have the leave granted.

I tried searching through the recruiting website and found nothing relevant.

Cheers :drinking:

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