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How many points on BARB test?

General discussions on joining & training in The Parachute Regiment.
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How many points on BARB test?

#1 Post by BedfordsPara »

Alright lads,
I have my BARB test on Monday, I am obv doing mock tests and revising for them now, I was just wondering will the AFCO look for a certain amount of points? or expect potential Para's to get more points than the standard pass mark?

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Re: How many points on BARB test?

#2 Post by reecesure »

When I did mine I got something in the mid-60's, I was told it was above average, although I still chose The Para Rgmt as my 1st preference. I know that a score in the 20's (23 if i'm not mistaken) enables you to progress into the infantry, and as far as I'm aware, the Para's aswell. It's tuesday now so I'm sure you've already had your results and know by now, I hope things went well and let us know how you got on.

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