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Parachute Regiment Training Programme

General discussions on joining & training in The Parachute Regiment.
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Re: Parachute Regiment Training Programme

#16 Post by Para-quinn »

Very good programme there... Ive just graduated from a strength and conditioning degree and this is pretty much exactly the same thing that i am doing for my phys. Only point i would make is to throw in one more rest day a week (if needed!!- everyone is at different fitness levels and recovery rates)Only reason being is that maxing out on bodyweight exercises and the amount of running can rapidly put the body into fatigue. Also if you notice your bft times arent improving (possibly getting worse) then every 4 weeks take a week off from training ( a four week period is the bodies natural turn around for configuration of rebuilding new cells) this will help dramatically. If you have a date for depot DO NOT thrash yourself the week befor in a desperate effort to get fitter, a minimum of 5 days should be sparred from training before hand, again this will give the body time to recover and more importamtly adapt to the last couple weeks training you have done and you will benefit. Swimming is amazing for the respiratory system and is a different type of fitness, throwing in one sesh a week will help massively and it mixes up your training by doing different things other than just running. Hope this is helpfull, (sorry about the essay!) any questions on phys ect just fire away.
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Re: Parachute Regiment Training Programme

#17 Post by gunner75 »

'Before I started that training programme I was not very fit. Just determined' this is the mindset that is required. Along with the ability to overide your body screaming at your brain to stop because it cant take no more. My advise is find a favourite lungbusting exercise and do that often. it will help.
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Re: Parachute Regiment Training Programme

#18 Post by Fringlish »

Wish i had access to a gym, they're all 20kms plus away from my location.

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