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Kit List for Para Recruits

General discussions on joining & training in The Parachute Regiment.
harry hackedoff
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#46 Post by harry hackedoff »

Hmmmmm :-?
Is that why you were so popular on "Man Thursdays" 8)
I think we should be told :roll:

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#47 Post by SO19 »

Stand by with your mascara lads! :P

[i]‘We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat’ - Queen Victoria, 1899[/i]

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#48 Post by Greenronnie »

Paratrooper01 wrote:How the fcuk did you get that photo of me in Sangin river!! :P

What you cant see is all the Afghans perving over my massive shlong. :lol:
Nah, they were saying, who's that massive MONG!! :lol:


#49 Post by lewis123 »

Does anyone no what kit i will have to take on the insight course? Want to get it sorted now.

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#50 Post by AcUk »

Alright lewis123. I've just pulled out the form they sent me when i done my insight course and the equipment required are:

a. Sports equipment and running shoes. (Track suit/shorts and t-shirt/sweatshirt)

b. Wash bag with enough toiletries for 2 days. (Shaving equipment if required)

c. Towels x2

d. Casual clothes. (Not suits)

e. Spare underwear and socks. (For 2 days)

f. Notebook, pen and pencil

g. Small padlock for locker security.

h. Military or civilian type boots.
(Although when i went they gave out boots)

i. Swim wear

j. Money. Enough to buy drinks, snacks and Para merchandise if you wish.

Hope that helps you out.


#51 Post by lewis123 »

Cheers mate i cant afford the boots so hopefully they will be handing them out,f@#k shitting it!!!!!!

harry hackedoff
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#52 Post by harry hackedoff »

Have you tried Ex Lax,


#53 Post by lewis123 »

Just for anyone going on the insight course,you dont need to take a padlock as there is nothing you can put it on,and they give you boots when you get there with your overalls and water bottle.I loved the course and the Regiment is for me so its training time!!!! :D

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#54 Post by Tab »

Now if yo can slip your mum into the barracks to keep things tidy for you then you have made it.

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#55 Post by adamb »

Not that its of much importance but i just recently passed ADSC and was told Grade 3 haircut?

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#56 Post by wanna_be_sky_god »

Says on the joining papers to turn up with grade 2 hair cut.
Barb - Passed
Medical - Passed
First Interview - Passed
Second Interview - Passed
ADSC - Passed
Intake - 11th of January

Parachute Regiment

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#57 Post by shotgunjack »

Thanks for the list, i plan on joining the paras in 2010 once i finish my masters, but im getting my self ready from now as my fitness = zero.

the only bitch is the hair cut, im gonna lose my lovely locks :cry:

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#58 Post by jxnxg »

you say you need black cloth tape there is several widths does it matter which one it is?

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Re: Kit List for Para Recruits

#59 Post by paraprep1 »

Paratrooper01 wrote: Small penknife with a blade no more than 3 inches long.
Question: i have a small knife under 3 inches, but it is a lock knife, is this acceptable to bring or should i leave it? i've heard rumours that lock knives are illegal in public, although i am not certain.


#60 Post by bored_stupid »

Don't bother taking any kind of pen knife, they generally get taken off you when you arrive.

You'll be issued a knife when you get your kit, if you're not that lucky though the staff will usually organise a list of kit they can get you from John Bull and that'll include a pen knife if you're not issued one.

However, if you do want to take yours then go for it, it doesn't matter that its a lock knife as they're the type you'd be given anyway, you'll be handling weapons much more deadly than a pen knife while at Catterick so I'm sure they'll trust you with a lock knife :lol:

Just don't be daft enough to carry it round with you off camp.

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