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OASC Invite!!

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Air Force.
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OASC Invite!!

#1 Post by djdenyer »

Hi All,

Just got a letter today inviting me to Cranwell.... Get In!! I'm well chuffed Tuesday 27th February I'm going so got good time to prepare.
Also got my de-brief interview on friday, anyone know what to expect?

AFCO - 22nd August CHECK
AFCO Presentation - 21st September

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#2 Post by Scott18 »

Congratulations mate
I’m not sure what those who set of cranwell have to expect, have you already done your aptitude tests and selection interview? I was always under the impression this took place at OASC, but I’m not sure. Just be yourself mate and know all about OASC and what is expected of you, practice answering questions about it and remember you will be marked on manner and verbal communication skills. Make sure you show your Keenness
Sorry I cant be of much help
Best of luck!!
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#3 Post by mfat_man »

I am sure you guys are aware about this but for anyone else there is some information on the above link.

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#4 Post by Focus »

Congratulations and well done

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#5 Post by lob_55 »

Yep Well done, good luck for tomorrow!
I'm off on the 11th March bit scary considering I'm only 15

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