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Still a bar or worth a chance?

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Still a bar or worth a chance?

#1 Post by BlueDragon »

Hey all, 10 years ago i browsed the army website as i wanted to join, but automatically barred according to the website due to the fact i have eczema,its now 10 years on and i was curious as to what the requirements said today, little shocked to say the least as now its only severe eczema thats under Bar or may make things difficult, my eczema has cleared up greatly, the only thing that now triggers it is my ferrets when they come into season and maybe the odd cleaning polish, dont need cream or anything for it now.

However i also am currently under investigation for ASD, per my friends recommendations as she thought my obsessive habit over tarantulas and insects were a little strange, but other then that i am fully functioning and so no sensory problems like many other autistics have, and can speak understand, take instruction all just fine. and there is no guarantee i do have it yet as its not confirmed, its not also specified that autism is an automatic barr like before in fact it doesnt come up AT ALL, does this mean its going from a case by case scenario? as the spectrum is extremely broad and i personally dont think its overly fair its a blanket ban. though can see why it is.

I know the best thing to do is speak to someone but i dont really want to waste their time when this forum could provide the answers i need and if its worth taking a chance to sign up.

Many thanks

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Re: Still a bar or worth a chance?

#2 Post by Beast »

While no one can give clear medical advice based on the armed forces medical requirements you 'may' be in for a good chance to pass if your symptoms are now mild.
Usually young recruits are advised to reapply at a later age when such conditions do indeed get better with age but once again its up the the health officials upon AFCO or medical to advise a green light.
Visit your local recruitment office, you are not wasting their time and they will only appreciated your visit for advice, it's what they are there for.
Good luck.

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