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School Leaver advice

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School Leaver advice

#1 Post by Dacky »

I am 16 and will shortly be taking my GCSE exams. I would like to enquire about a career in the armed forces. Ultimately I would like to be a pilot, however I realise this can be difficult to achieve. I’m looking for advice and honest opinions to life in the armed forces.I appreciate any insight you can give me. Thank you.

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Re: School Leaver advice

#2 Post by Beast »

Welcome aboard. 8)
Head down and get the best grades you can to what ever is equivalent to 5 C's and above, and maths and have to be 2 of them!
It's not all that difficult, hard work? Sure! But aim high and crack on.
I'm not RAF clued up, but you might also want to ask over in the RAF section of the forums.
But have a read up on the link below which may help. :D ... crew/pilot

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