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Career Advice

General Military Chat. New to the forums? Introduce yourself, Who are you and where are you from?
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Career Advice

#1 Post by Ncwebster3 »

Hi All,

I was wondering if you guys knowing more about the service than me could give me some career advice?

I am currently studying Business Management with Sport, Coaching and Physical Education at University and was strongly considering joining the Services after Graduation. I have been recommended the Royal Navy for the Travel Opportunitties it provides (which is something that appeals to me as its something I love doing and would love the opportunity to do with work) and also the Military’s strong Sports Background which is very appealing as I’ve played my representative Sport at a National Level.

I’ve looked at being a PTI but have found the only way to go directly into that is through the RAF which seems to not provide much travel opportunity however is very appealing due to its strong sports nature.

I was wondering if you guys could give me any recommendations for any roles in either of the services which would help me and I might like or anywhere I could look to find some relevent positions for myself?

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Re: Career Advice

#2 Post by Beast »

Welcome aboard. 8)

There are now many different routes you can take in all aspects of the Armed Forces and you will have the oppotunity to travel.
Only you can decide what you would prefer but also feel free to visit any Armed Forces Recruitment Centres for a general chat as well and they are more than welcoming.
Sounds like your set on the Royal Navy, you can become a Physical Trainer but you would have to specialize in something else before hand.
To get a rough idea, take a look over at: ... l-training

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