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Transferring from the RAF

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Transferring from the RAF

#1 Post by Jay_89 »

Hi all.
I'm new to this forum so apologies if the way I'm going about this is wrong.
I am considering transferring to from the RAF to the Army Medical m sector to pursue a trade I have been wanting for a while, which is Healthcare assistant

My query is twofold.
Firstly does anyone have any insight to the role and offer any advice or information?

The second is more to do with my family life.
My partner ( I call him such as we are not married ) and I have a home in Lincoln.
He is in the RAF. I was wondering if anyone had a partner serving in one of the other services, and hoped for an insight into how easy co-location has been. Etc.

Any information at all would be massively helpful!
Thanks in advance

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Re: Transferring from the RAF

#2 Post by Tab »

Serving in two branches of the Armed Forces you could wind up in different parts of the world for long periods

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Re: Transferring from the RAF

#3 Post by Hyperlithe »

One of my RAF mates has an Army husband. They are currently able to live together, but they're both in the only jobs where they can be co-located, so as soon as their current tours are up they'd be posted apart. She's going to leave at that point.
It does depend what trade you're in of course, some are easier to place than others!
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