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Do I go RAF Officer or Army soldier?

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Do I go RAF Officer or Army soldier?

#1 Post by Lip2020 » Thu 13 Feb, 2020 9:49 pm

Ok so it's not as stupid as it seems off the bat.

A few years ago I went to Catterick for Infantry training, but was medically defered. My plan was to then gain some quals and rejoin hopefully as an officer, with the aim always being Infantry.

I've recently applied to re join and had meetings with both the a
Army and RAF staff at my local AFCO. I was offered the chance to join as an RAF Officer or to join the ranks in the Army due to my age.

I decided that at my age and where I am in life that I wanted to go for Officer.

I have passed my RAF Cbat (but have since decided I wanted to go RAF Regiment as it's the closest to Infantry, so don't need it) and have also passed my filter interview and waiting on my selection date.

The issue is im worried that I'll regret not giving the Infantry another shot. It's so frustrating because the fitness levels to join as an RAF Regiment Officer are stricter than the Army Officer levels... but the age limits for Officer are stricter in the army.

Has anyone been in similar situations and dows anyone have any advice?

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